Has Anyone Seen the Patchwork Bowler IRL?

  1. I was calling a few of my local Nordstroms because I want to exchange my Silvana bag (As I much as I love the Silvana, I just got the Mina in green and I really don't want/need 2 green colored bags & I just don't see me using the Silvana) I was hoping to get lucky & find a Stam that's been returned, but unfortunately that doesn't look likely.

    One of my local stores does have a gray (silver?) Patchwork Bowler. I haven't seen much written about this bag (more about it's "sister" bags - the Innes and Lou) and I wondered if anyone's ever seen it IRL??

    This is the only pic I can really find anywhere on the internet:


    There are a couple of Katie Holmes in the Celebs section, which is believed to be the Patchwork Bowler:

    Any thoughts on this bag in general? What about the color gray (or do you really think it's silver?)
  2. here's a better one of Laila Ali - again with a black one:

  3. I've never seen it IRL but I did order a bordeaux one that will hopefully be here tomorrow. I really like the silver but I would worry that the color would rub off over time (like most metallics).

    ETA: Have you tried calling Barneys to see if they have any Stams left?
  4. I don't know if it's silver or not - She said Gray, but I don't know if she was reading the tag or giving her opinion of the color (she definitely said Patchwork Bowler though, so she must have had a tag). I guess the silver would look like gray if you didn't know the exact color's name, and becuz I can't find it in any other color except Bordeaux, I don't know it's exact name/shade.

    No, I haven't called Barneys - The Silvana came from Nordstroms & I'd rather just exchange it than return it & buy another bag somewhere else (it would be too much of a hassle, unless it was my local Barneys & they don't have any Stams left):tdown:

    I'm still hoping to get lucky & find a Stam somewhere (maybe someone's returned one??), but if not, I'm really considering this Bowler. It seems like a great bag for the price ($554)
  5. I'm sure the SA meant to say silver because Nordies only carried this bag in black, silver and bordeaux (#2). Here are pictures of the silver color on the Camilla and Lou for reference:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. I honestly don't see much of a difference between the Lou and the Bowler, altho when you look at the pics of Katie Holmes and Leila Ali, it looks so different than its stock pic.

    If you don't mind my asking, Melly, what made you decide to buy this bag? Was it the color? Or did you like the style? Don't you have either the Lou or the Innes?
  7. Here are some side views that might help. The first is of the bordeaux patchwork Bowler the second is of the silver patchwork Lou:

    [​IMG][​IMG] 13"W x 15"H x 7"D

    [​IMG][​IMG] 16"W x 9 1/2"H x 5"D
  8. Well to be honest, I ordered the Bowler on a whim. I wanted to add another patchwork style bag to my collection and the bordeaux color is gorgeous. I looked at the Lou and didn't like it at all. Something about the domed/arched top really turns me off. Also, when I ordered it I didn't realize my BF had purchased an Ines for me. I won't know which I'll keep until I have them both in hand.
  9. Wow - those measurements are either way off or the stock pic of the bag is really misleading - 15" High??? It looks shorter than the Lou but according to its measurements, it's about 6" higher! I think it's one of those bags you have to see IRL to get the best idea. Altho I do like how it looks on Katie & Leila - it's shape reminds me a little of the Hudson/Striping line. I'm going to try to get in there today to have a look.
  10. Whoops, I didn't even notice that. Well Neiman Marcus shows the measurements as 13"H x 15"W x 7"D... which still seem off. Hopefully my bag will arrive tomorrow and I can let you know if those numbers are correct.
  11. I actually got the bag today - those measurements are definitely off. It MIGHT be 15" high with the handles fully extended, but I don think the body of the bag is more than 9-9.5". It's also not as square as it looks on Katie & Leila. Maybe when you start adding things inside and weighing it down, it might take on more of a square shape.

    Let me know what you think of yours - I really, really like mine a lot (especially once I found out that the straps unhook and can be connected together to create a longer shoulder strap!)
  12. Well I just received my bordeaux Bowler and unfortunately it's been used and abused. :sad: There are scratches everywhere and the leather seaming (the dark colored trimming/sealant around the edges) is gouged and rubbed pink in several areas. Even though I purchased this bag on sale I still expected to receive one in good shape. **sigh** I'm glad you are enjoying yours though. It really is a beautiful bag.
  13. Sorry to hear that Melly - which Nordstroms did you order it from?
    Other than the bag's damage (which I fully understand - I like my bags to be "perfect" when I buy them new too - sale or no sale), what are your thoughts of the bag in general? Just curious to get another's opinion. Since it looks like your bag may have been used, is the shape stretched out? Does it still look short & long or does it have a boxier shape? Because the body's so soft, I can see how putting heavier things inside could change it's shape/appearance so it'll look more like Katie & Leila's - I'm actually liking it more than I thought I would and I really haven't been a fan of the patchwork line.

    The bag seems so "grown up" to me, and when I hang it on my shoulder it looks so sophisticated and mature!! As much as I loved the Silvana bag, I'm really liking this bag more & more and happy I exchanged it.
  14. Major bummer Melly!! I'm sorry the Bordeaux bowler didn't work out. It would have been sooo beautiful too. :crybaby: