Has anyone seen the paddy in the color Tobacco?

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  1. I just saw this on NAP, don't even ask me what I of all people am doing looking at paddys, but I stumbled upon it. I wondered if it is new, and/or if anyone has a picture of it to share. It looks really nice. If muscade goes back.....:graucho:
  2. Oh no Triplets!! You already got me dreaming about Muscade :nuts:

    Not another cool color :sweatdrop:
  3. hmwe46, tell me what you think of tobacco. It appears that it does not have the raisin undertones. Don't get ME dreaming about muscade because right this minute I am feeling the vibe for whiskey!!!! AGH that is another thread!! But what do you think about tobacco??
  4. I'd love to see it IRL!! Have any made their way to the US stores yet??
  5. I think Tobacco is a great color!!! It will go well with many outfits. Unfortunately, being the pink person that I am ... I am going to wait:yes: .
  6. Hmm.. I'd love to see it! Does anyone have a picture or can anyone describe what it looks like?
  7. This is a tabacco from NAP

    Edit: Hmm...very small pic. Oh well, you guys can still see it on NAP;)

    It's such a urban, yet still chick color:love: