Has anyone seen the new Patent wristlets IRL?

  1. Do you think this in teal:


    would match this teal patent gallery tote from last year?

  2. It looks to me like the tote is more of a robin's egg blue, and the wristlet is a true turquoise...(doesn't look like a teal color to me). So I don't think they would match exactly, but maybe it's the lighting!:yes:
  3. The new patent wristlet is more of a turquoise and would have more green in it than the tote, sorry. You could go with the fuchsia, it wouldn't match exactly but would look great with the blue!
  4. No...saw them today, the teal this year, think of the turquoise ergo color from earlier this year and then make it a shade brighter and in patent, that is the color.
  5. Well, it wouldn't match exactly but I still think it would look good. It's in the same color family...
  6. It's not an exact match. Last Christmas my husband bought me the patent gallery tote in mahogany. When I was in Coach today I looked at the new patent stuff and it's not the same colours as last year. If your set on patent to match the material I would go with the hot pink! It would look great with your tote!
  7. I agree, go with a contrasting wristlet. It will look great with your tote.
  8. Yeah, I agree that a contrasting wristlet would be better than trying to match. The magenta would be great!
  9. excellent point ladies! Thanks so much for responding (plus - having a contrasting color would make it stand out more IN the bag making it easier to grab...)

    still befuddles me why they never made exact matching accessories for this tote..hmm..maybe that's why i got it so cheap at the outlet? heheh

    thanks again ladies!
  10. I'm going Friday to look at the match against my turq Ergo. If it's not exact I'm going to contrast it based on the opinions here! haha
  11. I did the same thing yesterday and it looks FAB with the turquoise Ergo. It's on my wishlist!