Has Anyone Seen The New Optic Shoulder Chelsea Bags?

  1. My SA told me there would be some Chelsea bags on the floor soon and they could be ordered sight unseen, which I am totally not going to do. The leather may be in on Saturday and the optic signature may be ordered. I wondered if there was a black and white type like the older one that was grey suede on the bottom. I loved that one. Eva Longoria seemed to like it also. Has anyone seen one in person as yet? My SA ordered the denim one and she said it was a very light blue, not dark blue, so she did not love it. She is not a signature person, but a leather person in general. Let me know if anyone has seen them in person. I like the optic. Thanks!!!!!!
  2. I have seen the new blue optic Chelsea Hobo. I created a thread that mentions it. The NEW blue optic is varying shades of light and dark blue and it's actually called navy, not denim. The strap is braided dark brown leather and to be honest feels cheap. It's thin leather, not the normal thick supple Coach leather. It feels cheap to me and the other SA's I work with that have handled the bag. That's the only new bag I've seen.
  3. Thanks Sarah..do you like the new denim tote, that braid on that strap?