Has Anyone Seen The New Liquid Metal Purses??

  1. :shrugs: Just curious if anyone has seen (in pics or for real) the new liquid metal purses. I think there are three styles one being the papillon. :yahoo:
  2. Did you mean miror line??
  3. [​IMG]


  4. Um? I don't know - the SA in San Francisco called it the liquid metal and so did my SA. Got any references to the mirror line? Is that line already out?
  5. haven't seen them in person
  6. OK - Thanks - that was quick! Is that a new line?
  7. Those are cool bags - but there are some coming out November 1st (thank you Hubby for your memory) and are silver and gold....
  8. yes..suppose to be out sometime nov or dec?? never get straight info ..
  9. man! them pictures just get sweeter and sweeter everytime i see them!
  10. Great! What do you guys think about them? I tend to get a little flashy some times and want something totally outrageous to go with the outfit.
  11. How many shades of metallics are there? Gold, silver, and red? Any metallic pinks?
  12. The Miroir line comes out on December 1st and the only colors available will be gold and silver. The styles are the Papillon (NO mini papillon comes with it), the Speedy 34 (yes a 34, new for the line), a pochette with the Plaque de Inventeur stamped on it and is generally flat and similar in size to the epi pochettes, and a keepall.
    You can put your name down now, prices are in the same range as that of the summer's Perforation line.
  13. I love the silver speedy, but it looks like it will be hard to match with outfits.
  14. What bag is that in the metallic red behind the Noe and the Alma? Also, the Noe looks metallic light green for some reason?
  15. I haven't seen one in person either but I'd love to. When they get to stores I will go check them out.