***### Has anyone seen the new Flower Bag? ###***

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    It came across my news feed the other day and looks great. I like the two tone color ways and the leather looks amazing. It's a fall release but I'm not sure when it will arrive in stores. It's already on their site and is reasonably priced. Just not sure what size is pictured on the model.....
  2. I was at Tod's boutique last week and they didn't have it yet. It looks small to me though.

  3. There are three different sizes....
  4. I love both the tote and crossbody style. I haven't seen them IRL yet but I know the Chicago boutique had the totes a few weeks ago (my SA sent out pics of new arrivals).
  5. How about online?
  6. They are online I was just wondering if anyone had seen them or tried them on....
  7. Love that they're on trend with bucket bags and dual colors, but did it their own way while keeping the price reasonable.

    Haven't seen it in person (closest Tod's store is a 6 hour drive), but if I had to guess, I'd say the one in the photos is a medium. Saks has the blue exterior/cream interior in medium here.

  8. Thanks for that...I like those points as well. Although, toss did a much better advertisement. If I saw that bag pic on Saks' site, it would not make me want that bag or look into it further....
  9. Looking at it again, the saks one doesn't have handles, which I missed the first time around. Browsing the international sites, they have smalls in those colors.

    The Tod's photos exemplify what I think of Tod's: refined, casual Italian luxury. I really love what they've done this season.
  10. I have this bag and it is a great bag. I have the navy with maroon contrast. Lots of pockets and it's a perfect everyday shoulder bag. Understated and great quality.
    I saw in CA store about a month ago.

  11. Can you post pics....what size did you get
  12. I would also love to know what size you have. I am wondering if the small's straps are long enough to wear on the shoulder? The mini definitely looks like handheld only but a medium will be too big for me (I think).

    I love the look of this bag and the price is not bad at all!
  13. I have seen the mini and medium flower bag in person. The red mini flower is adorable. Only the mini comes with the detachable shoulder strap and it is long enough to worn cross body.
  14. I saw it at South Coast Plaza in late June. Room galore. There is room for everything and the leather felt durable but buttery (if that makes any sense). I don't remember seeing it in different sizes that day. It was definitely the size of the one in the model's hand in the above picture. It's worth taking a look if you're on the fence. I haven't seen one on the streets yet.
  15. Did you take a look at the interior? What was that like, if you remember?