Has Anyone Seen The New Fiore Audra in Black?

  1. Hi everyone! I sold my original black Fiore audra bag about 2 months ago on eBay and I'm thinking I'm missing her. I know Fiore has the new black "revival" audra bag and I'm wondering. I have a black Kooba Marcelle and thought I'd be happy with just that for a black bag. Now I'm thinking IF is in my future. Is it too biker? Any thoughts?:popcorn:
  2. Is the Revival any different from the Regular Audra Hobo? I pulled up a pic of each but can't tell if they are just showing a different side of the bag. I like them alot. But I'll stick to my Brown Audra Whiplash. It really is one of my favorite bags.
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  3. Sigh...yes, I love them so....:drool: Lexie: Your top pic and the second pic are the same bag. That "revival" is like the old version but of course, they have the IF plate on the front whereas the bottom pic was during her marbelling phase with matching studs....I do have that bottom bag in the brown and I gotta tell you - it looks a bit weird in the pic, but it's truly beautiful in person. I picked it up at Off 5th for $209 out the door!!! I have a post wondering about the White Audra (any comments would be appreciated) ...but I wonder if the revival has the old pebbled leather? I think that if I do purchase another black IF (I sold my old version) I'd go with either Adasa or JCMadison. I just loooovveee their photos. What about the IF Audra Shir Honor? (Check Photo Below) It's got that wrinkly thing going on but it's only on one side too which is kind of strange to me. I just like the studs on the Shir Honor (silver) but I do love the original brass too.
    BIG-isah64000blk.jpg BIG-isah62020blk.jpg
  4. I think the bag is hot, not "biker". It's trendy.
  5. I don't know...I'm not "sure about the shirred" thing. Too wrinkly.
    All the Revival pics I have seen seem to be a heavy pebbled leather which is really cool.
    I hate white bags...so I won't comment on the White Audra.

    WHAT? My Brown Audra looks weird???? LOLOL Yes, truthfully it is lovely in person.
  6. No - no! Not weird! I love that brown Audra! I have one! It's wonderful! :rolleyes: But you really hate white bags? Really really?:s
  7. I know...to me the Audra is just the best bag. I can never see myself parting with that Bag. I love the gold sheen mine has. I know alot of people like the original non painted studs of the Kate bag but mine is a beauty to me.

    Yes, sadly it's true. I really hate white bags. They are too stark and sterile. I don't have children and I am a reasonably clean person...LOL...but I can just imagine them yellowing or getting stains or marks on them that will ruin them forever. I am paranoid enough about where I sit my purses and this would make it even worse.