Has anyone seen the new Fall 06 goatskin Botkier Trigger?

  1. I LOVE the style and organization of the Trigger even though its time has past for IT bag status. The downside is that it can be soooo heavy in the pebbled leather. I own the bag in the distressed leather which came in the hunter green and toffee colors. The distressed leather is lighter than the pebbled. When the Fall styles (Bombay, Bianca, etc) popped up a few weeks ago on Botiker's site and there was no Trigger, I thought she had abandoned the style. But I just looked again and the Trigger's back in goatskin! This has potential for a much lighter weight Trigger. Has anyone seen it in person? The description isn't filled in for the leather type on the Botkier site yet, but Saks identifies it as goatskin.
    Botkier - Trigger Satchel - Saks.com
  2. Hmm, I haven't seen it in person, but in the pic you really can see a difference in the leather. I really like it!

    I don't know how much the original cost, did they raise the price at all?
  3. I can't really tell what the leather is like in that picture, but the Triggers I saw at Nordstrom recently didn't look so hot. :yucky: The leather was weird looking, and not soft like in past seasons. I'm not sure if they were goatskin.
  4. I bought the bianca in goatskin which is dark brown in colour and after a few days the handles of the purse started to fray in some places (ie: the leather was tearing). Although I loved the texture of the goatskin, it was rough looking but I didn't want the purse to fall apart so I opted for the lambskin in black.
  5. hi there question for you does your hunter green trigger have a "made in" tag in the inside of the bag...im thinking about bidding on one on ebay - both of my triggers have a "made in" tag inside (both purchased at Nordstrom) and the seller claims hers doesnt because it was made before Botkier went over seas...id appreciate the help thanks :flowers:
  6. sorry ladies im new to the forum so i havent quite figured out the postings anywho...does anyone own a hunter green trigger and if so does it have a "made in" tag inside the bag i have a ebay seller who claims that the reason hers doesnt is because it was made pre Botkier going over seas to manufacture the bags....any help would be much appreciated. I own two triggers both of which are authentic bought at Nordstroms and have the "made in indonesia" tags inside....thanks :smile:
  7. Post links of the bag in the "authenticate this" section and then you can get opinions from many.
  8. While we're on the subject...I have the black goatskin trigger from Fall '06 (bought it at Saks too!) and love it!