Has anyone seen the new expandable tote IRL?

  1. I love the look in pics, Chanel boy said it wasnt as wide as the GST, which was going to be my next bag purchase. Has anyone seen this bag and if you have is it as large as gst but not as structured ? I need to get this soon , as soon as I save up for the gst I spend on other things. lol. I need to buy asap!!!! If not there are some LV bags Im going to buy and I keep telling myself what about your gst, but this bag has caught my attention, it looks great! 400 more than gst, is it worth it??:nuts:
  2. I just saw the red expandable tote today! I honestly didn't like it that much in pictures, but it is SO NICE IRL. The leather is super soft. The bag has form, but is not as hard and structured as the GST. The size looked pretty comparable to the GST, but I'm sure Lucas (Chanelboy) would know best.
  3. Im excited!!!! thanks bananax119 , can you please tell me about the zippers on the side? does both side have the cc medalion? thanks
  4. Oh, you know I didn't even look at the expandable part, but I think I only saw one medallion.
  5. I've seen it at 2 trunk shows now, in white and red, which I love. It is very comfortable to wear, and when the zip is zipped it's relatively flat -- not pancakey, though. As I remember the zippers, they start halfway up the bag and zip down and around the bottom, so the bag widens a little. The zip has a cute little dangling cc. It's very light weight, which is nice.

    No that I think, I guess there is just one zipper with a little medallion, that is on one side or the other, depending on whether the expandable part is opened or closed. Does that make sense?
  6. this bag was one of the first on my waitlist until I saw irl at the trunk show. The leather is not as hard/structured/thick as the expandable tote from s/s 07. I didnt even recognize it in person. It is very similar to a line chanel carried a few seasons ago w/stitching and soft lambskin that went on sale. Just very unstructured and soft.
  7. I'm anxious to see this bag also. I am waitlisted at my Chanel boutique, but I'm having second thoughts. The pic posted by Chanelboy looks slightly different than the pic Roey posted from her trunk show. So now I'm confused. Let me see if I can post these pics.

  8. The one that I saw today was EXACTLY like the red one above, including the gathering at the sides, which the brown one that Lucas posted is missing. It really makes a big difference in the look of the bag, IMO!

    It was just really pretty. I'm in love! Especially that red color! :tup:
  9. I love that red tote. Any ideas on price???
  10. ^^$2295.
  11. Wow, how strange! I like them both. Which is the real expandable tote though?? the red is gorgeous!!! I would love a grey, but I know thats not happening. Maybe the one in chanel boys pic isnt expanded KWIM? who knows
  12. The red is the expandable tote.
  13. The brown looks like the same bag excluding the gathering at the sides. I'm confizzled....:weird:
  14. I actually saw one that the SA described as the NEW expandable.. so this gets me confused. The one I saw was black and it has the zippered compartment on the bottom just like the old expandable and the top part was a drawstring bag instead of the flap. It is about 3/4 the size of the old expandable and she said it was the new one. The leather is the same and it also cost 2250. anyone know about this?? but I prefer the red tote.. the color is amazingg!
  15. Didn't some astute TPFer notice that the rings/chain may not be very sturdy?

    I put a lot of stuff in my bag and it can get a bit weighty. Has anyone taken a very close look at the chains?