Has anyone seen the Modern Chain flap bag?

  1. I was wondering if anyone saw the Modern Chain flap bag. Just wondering what you thought? Thanks!:yes:
  2. You know what, I bought that bag today!!! I didn't like the other bags in the Modern Chain line but I kinda like the modern chain flap and I bought it. Though I am still not 100% sure if I should keep it......

    the one I bought is the black one. Will post pics. But I also would like to see how the red looks, so I had my SA place an order for me in red from Hawaii since only Hawaii is getting the red.
  3. OMG, please post pics of the flap in black. I am on the list for this and I am dying to see this. Thanks!
  4. Hi Hikarupanda, what size is the flap? Is it like a medium or jumbo size?
  5. I saw the flap in Black today, and I really liked it. I didn't buy it because (1)I'm waiting for my Violet Lady Braid Doctor bag, (2)I don't want another black Chanel. I asked my SA to let me know when they get either Red or White, so I can see. It was like $1595, so price wasn't bad at all for Chanel either..
  6. oooh, I'm dying to see it!!!
  7. Hi all, sorry for the wait! After deciding against the red diamond shine flap (color doesn't suit me) and the black diamond shine flap (too similar to the glazed lambskin star-stitched I already have), this is my NEWEST baby - the Modern Chain Flap Bag!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    This is a very unique bag, the look of the leather kinda reminds me the black washed lambskin done this year spring and summer. But the leather is very very soft, and kinda raw looking. But I think the soft leather with the hard-core huge chain is a great mix. I like that the bag is so soft so it could fit quite a lot. And I think it is very versatile that you can dress it up but also it looks totally fine if I wear just T-shirt, jeans and flip-flop. The only thing I am not sure is I am also dying to see how the red look, except that my store didn't get any other colors besides black in the flap bag style. But my SA is going to order a red from Hawaii so when it comes, I am going to decide whether I should keep the black or the red. The price is $1525, which is not that bad for a chanel.

    The other thing I can catch with my inspector's eyes though is that all the bags available in the boutique, the CC logo is slightly leaning towards the right..........but o well...
    DSC01744.JPG DSC01745.JPG DSC01742.JPG DSC01739.JPG

  8. Wintotty, which store did you go to?
  9. I went to NM...Hikaru, Gorgeous bag...looks great on you!:drool:
  10. Oooh!!! That's a pretty bag.
  11. That is very nice. Looks very different. thanks for posting.

  12. because I asked NM and they said they only get the MC flap in black too.
  13. I just like how Karl made a classic style so hype and young with a little bit rock and roll, motorcycle twist! But it can still looks classic.
  14. Wow, that is so unique. I like it! Is it heavier than a classic flap because of the chain?
  15. This bag is so versatile. It looks good on ya. It can totally go from day to night. Hikarupanda, do they comes in different sizes?