has anyone seen the miss sixty bliss boots anywhere?

  1. i am dying for these boots, anyone seen them anywhere?! many thanks and happy new year!
  2. I've been searching for them as well. Seems to be pretty much sold out except for eBay. Let me know if you find a retailer or online source.
  3. I saw them on sale on the miss sixty website about 2 weeks ago!! I was really surprised because they're from last winter I believe. They only had sizes 38 and 39 but I checked again and they're all out now :sad:

    Best place to buy them is on eBay. I recently snagged a pair of the dark brown ones size 37 for $170 BIN. There was a teeny scuff so I emailed the seller and he gave me a partial refund of 40%!! Grand total of $100!!!

    But I saw two pairs of same color/size go for $400+. I'd sell mine for the profit potential but I love them too much :smile: