Has anyone seen the Mid-Afternoon?

  1. I'm hoping some of the NY members might have seen this in the BalNY store. It seems like it is roughly the size of the City--I wonder if it has a gusset, or if it's flat...
  2. I'm curious too!!! Would love opinions!!!!
  3. Haven't seen it in person, but it must have a gusset because the measurements (from LVR, translated from metric) are 12.5"h x 15"w x 4.75"d.
  4. sorry bbagbubba, but i didn't see this one while i was @ the nyc store...i don't think they got the new b-bag styles in yet :rolleyes:
  5. Hi aaallabama!
    Please let me know if / when you see it. I'm in the mood for something new.:heart:
  6. Hi LP,
    Do you think it's open on top, or zippered? Can't tell from the pics on your website.
  7. ^ I dunno, I'm desperately hoping it's zippered, but I haven't seen any photos other than these ones.
  8. oh boy, do you think i can be trusted to go back there tomorrow & not come out with another bag :shocked: ...i've been thinking that a black city could be really nice, since i don't have that style yet & alot of the gals say it's a good "mommy" bag :amuse:
  9. ^ go aaallabama, gooooo! :biggrin:
  10. oh geez, that's not helping me hatikuh-girl, my little enabler!!!
  11. :lol::roflmfao: We're all enablers here, that's why this forum is soooo baaad..... :lol: But really, I meant you should go to "see" and "report" back ;) If a black city comes with the "report," I think it's ok too... :roflmfao::love::flowers:
  12. gosh, i'm honestly not sure if i can just go there to "see & report" back without "buying" (heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!!!) :blink:
  13. Do it! :yes:
    I've been thinking about a Black city also! Suddenly I feel there's a "black hole" in my Bbag 'drobe. If you go, please see what the black bags look like.
  14. ^Bbag, I think *both* you and aaallabama should get black cities!! :yes: IMO, it is one of the most classic bags you can add to your collections.
    (I ordered mine from the Bal NY store, and the leather wasn't too distressed).
  15. yikes, so that means they've got new black cities in now (?)...i heard they have some old stock left, which is fine by me...i'm actually a big fan of the distressed b-bag look :love: