Has anyone seen the Metallic Black CC holder?

  1. I've just decided that I must have the metallic black reissue CC holder for my 224. Now I haven't really heard much about it yet. So I'm wondering if anyone has seen it and perhaps knows how much?

    TIA :p!
  2. It was 155 Euros in Paris. I have one and will try to post a picture! Dont hold your breathe tho as it usually takes me a while as I need to use another computer (other than my own!) to covert the pics to smaller size before I can post!
  3. would love to see pics too!
  4. I saw it yesterday at Bloomies at 59th St. Very cute! Sorry didn't ask the price. They also had a 225. No wallets though which was what I was hunting all over Manhattan for...:rolleyes:

  5. Love to see it! It could be my next purchase! :p

    BTW, there's an easy way to convert to smaller size. Post it up to any online photo album, then save that photo back to your PC. It works perfectly & quick & easy! I use imagestation or even facebook works fine too!
  6. Thanks cheapmommy! BLOOMINGDALES :nuts::nuts:

    LOL .... I'm calling them right now .... I'll post pics if I get it!
  7. Yay! Glad I could help!!! Please post pics and let us know how much it costs!
  8. I called ... my usual SA is on vacation. This other SA answered and said the CC holder was $250. But for some reason I think she got it confused with the lambskin CC holder. Going to check it out next Thursday.