Has anyone seen the MbyMJ watch pendants on sale yet?

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  1. I have been patiently waiting b/c I just KNOW they have to go on sale for the holidays. Right? I really want the star - in any color!!!

    If anyone sees them go on sale, please let me know!
  2. good call...i've been wanting one of these since they came out!
  3. Do you have a Loehmans in your area? One of my friends got the red one from Loehmans (not sure how much, but stuff at Loehmans are always below retail).
  4. so cute!
  5. nope, never even heard of loehmans...
  6. A couple of Fossil factory outlets I've been to have them.
  7. i didnt see these go on sale last year either at the boutiques or at Saks/ bloomies. good luck!
  8. June, there's one in the valley... I think it's on Reseda. Look on the loehmanns website, you can find the exact address there. They sometimes have some cute stuff!
  9. Black padlock and guitar are 40% off at netaporter. i have the guitar and get so many compliments on it!