Has anyone seen the MbyMJ Teri Bag in Grass Green in real life?


Jul 3, 2007
I just saw this bag on zappos, and nordstrom and of course its completely sold out on both sites now. When was this bag released? at the same time as the hiller? I can't believe I missed it! My question is though, what color is 'grass green' in real life? I've seen the patent version, but is the leather version the same color or not so much? And do you think this bag is still floating around somewhere? its completely sold out everywhere online! Thanks



Jul 7, 2006
New York, NY
I actually have it (got a GREAT deal on it at the BG $400 off event a couple of weeks ago). They still had it at BG in NYC as of last weekend.

Love it! It opens up really wide, holds my MacBook Air, and I would say the color is pretty accurate from the regular one to the patent one (minus being shiny of course). Don't remember if it was still in stock at the MJ store on Bleecker last weekend or Saks, but those places are both worth a shot too.