Has anyone seen the Leather Gallery Tote

  1. I am so totally in love with the Gallery Leather Laced Tote in Coral Red. I am crossing my fingers that I get the PCE invite in a couple of weeks so that I can bring one home. I am telling you, that bag is calling my name!!! I am torn between the three sizes and I am not sure if my store is carrying this style yet. I don't know which size I like best, and I am wondering what kind of lining it has. Does anyone know? The description just says "leather with fabric lining." This is what it looks like and it would be my first red business - size bag. I am so in :heart:
  2. This bag is gorgeous. I am also waiting for PCE invite! I want the north south one!
  3. I like that one too but I can't wait to get the patent leather gallery tote.
  4. Do you know what colors the patent tote will come in? Is red patent one of the colors? And when are they due out? (Is it possible that I might buy my first patent bag since I was like 5?) I know I loved the patent ergos but I didnt' think they were my style. I could do a Gallery Tote in Patent, I think!