Has anyone seen the LE Pink Abbey?

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  1. I think it was pink leather, part of the 2005 collection. Possibly limited release in Hawaii? I'm not sure but I love this bag, anyone have any additional info on it?
  2. Yes, you are correct. It was limited edition released in Hawaii.
  3. I've seen this one on the Japan auction site, is this the one?
  4. It is not leather but I have this one.

  5. Do you have a pic of this anywhere? I loved the pink suede stuff that came out last fall/winter but I ended up getting a black suede tote. I wish I had gotten a pink one while I had the chance...so would love to see pics of yours!:yes:
  6. ^^^ hehe sure!

    i LOVE this bag, it is soooooooo soo soooo perfect! i LOVE the color and everything! i just cant wear it much because its suade and we all know how that is ;)

    hope u guys love it too...! its so much prettier in person! :smile:

    Oh and someone needs to teach me how to make these pics appear without attaching them...what is the code? is it an html? because the img src codes dont work! HELP!
    Pics 061.jpg
  7. this is the only one I know about


    I had this bag once and sold it a while back; inside the serial number tag on mine was stamped as 'Hawaii Limited Edition 2005' or something like that from what I remember. It is the Hawaii Limited Edition Abbey Tote
  8. When I sold mine I had found this article about it that I used to help market the eBay listing.


    Thursday, April 21, 2005

    Gucci's isle exclusive
    In recognition of Honolulu's fashionable set, Gucci is offering three new handbags to be sold exclusively in Hawaii, marking the house's first foray into designing and producing a product specific to a single market, reflecting the company's desire to meet the needs of its diverse clientele.
    "Hawaii Exclusive 2005" comprises three styles that are classically Gucci. The first style, debuting today, is a large top-handle tote from the "Abbey" line in pretty in pink luscious iris rose leather, and features a label inside that reads "Hawaii Exclusive 2005." It's priced at less than $1,000.

    The second and third styles, to be delivered in late summer, are from the "Jolicoeur" line -- one a small tote and a mini shoulder bag, both in gesso leather, accessorized with enameled charms in jade green, iris rose or gesso.

    A fourth "Hawaii Exclusive" handbag style will be announced later in the year, in time for the holidays.

    (pic of the bag here)

    Gucci is offering this roomy tote as the first of three handbags to be made exclusively for Hawaii's fashion set. A limited number will be available starting today.
  9. wow, that is one pink Gucci i should have! hehehe from now on i will only buy pink gucci bags & shoes! hehe just joking. anyway, it's good they didn't release that in our country or else i might be so broke...

    luvednotspoiled, i love your bag! i :heart: the color! actually there is still one like that available in the store in our country but in a different style (like beljwl's). i was really tempted to buy it but i decided not to because i know i wouldn't be able to take good care of it.