Has anyone seen the Ladybug keychain?

  1. I spoke with my SA this morning and she told me that they're getting in some ladybug keychains this year. Has anyone seen it?
  2. No, sounds very adorable though,... love ladybugs!
  3. Thanks for the heads up, Kou. We don't receive new H inventory earlier than anyone else ... Maybe someone from Europe has already seen it? I wonder how cute this is.
  4. I need one! How cute!
  5. I'm really excited to see this:nuts: She said they should be in by the end of the year:yes: I love the keychains, they're so cute (even if they're on the pricier side).
  6. WELL, IF YOU DO GET ONE FOR GOOD LUCK... please post... I love them!
  7. By the end of the year???? I can hardly wait one week:sweatdrop: ! Kou, you need to remind me when this little thing is made available.
  8. Oh how cute.
    I am addicted to key chains.
  9. !!! End of this year?? I love those keychains, especially cute ones :biggrin:
  10. I MUST MUST get one of these for my DD!!!!!!!! Fabulous!
  11. BTW, we have koala chevre bookmarks in etoupe at my store!
  12. Oooo sounds cute! Can't wait for it to arrive.
  13. i will be on the phone today...:yes:
  14. Hmmm.... looks like it's time to make a little visit!
  15. Koala? Is that bookmark only available in Australia? I don't recall seeing it in my store ...