Has anyone seen the JPG "Kelly" Skirt?

  1. I went to a private sale and saw a black leather JPG skirt - OMG! Just gorgeous!!! It's a wrap skirt in the softest leather - has silk pleats and the classic kelly hardware/straps on the side to attach the skirt.

    It was originally priced at $8200 (!) but is now marked down. Anyone else have this beauty? And more importantly - should I or shouldn't I snap it up????(!)

  2. WHOA! That sounds HOT but I just couldn't pay that price (or even a sale price...)
    But if you love it and can swing it, go for it!
  3. Lisa, I'll bet you would look fantastic in that skirt. And, hey - it is on sale!! :smile:
  4. If you really love and you can spare that $$$ i would say go for it.. if you're hesitant, then keep your money for a kelly/birkin.. IMO
  5. :smile: It sounds gorgeous!!! If you get it, be sure to show us pictures :smile:
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