Has anyone seen the Heidi?

  1. Hi. I was browsing marcjacobs.com and came across a handbag and was hoping you could give me some info. I am interested in the Heidi from Marc by Marc Jacobs, Spring 2007. On the website it only lists black does it come in other colors? How much is it and is it in stores yet? Where should I call or look online for it?

    Thank you for all your help.
  2. ^ The official site only contains a partial listing of styles and colors. Heidi should come in more than 1 color.

    Call Marc by Marc Jacobs boutique for additional colors and price. Non-Marc stores' buyers only pick and choose certain colors and styles.
  3. I know I saw phone numbers for the boutiques but now I cant remember where. I live in California which would be the best for me to call? Thanks again for the help.
  4. Here's the listing of the numbers. :smile: They should be able to direct you to Marc by Marc Jacobs, I believe.

    * Marc Jacobs Collections *
    New York, NY: 212-343-1490
    Boston, MA: 617-425-0707
    San Francisco, CA: 415-362-6500
    Los Angeles, CA: 323-653-5100
    Las Vegas, NV: 702-369-2007
    Bal Harbour, FL: 305-864-2626
  5. * Marc by Marc Jacobs *
    New York, NY: 212-924-0026
    Boston, MA: 617-425-0404
    San Francisco, CA: 415-448-9322
    Los Angeles, CA: 323-653-0100

    If possible, give the SA the style number of Heidi. Good luck. =)