Has anyone seen the Hazelnut Vernis IRL? Is it much darker than noisette?

  1. I called my local LV and they have no indigo (boo) but they could track down a roxbury drive in hazelnut for me. Have not seen it irl and would have to order it sight unseen from another store....thoughts/pics?
  2. I haven't seen it, do you think they were referring to the Noisette? The Perle is pretty too.
  3. hazelnut is the english word for noisette. =) They are the same color.
  4. LOL, how silly of me! You know what is bizarre, I asked the SA if they had noisette, and she said "no, we only have the hazelnut color" so I assumed that they were different without even thinking of the translation (sad b/c I used to speak french). Well that clears it up! Thanks :o)
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