Has anyone seen the Green Madeline....

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  1. ....at the outlets? I called one of mine today and so far they dont have it... :sad:

    And, if you have seen it, do you recall the price???

    And I also wonder, if I called JAX, if they would know when it would be hitting the outlet.....hmmm..

  2. I don't know if they will be at the outlets? This post seems to make it sound like they were out of the green:

    Or maybe they had just already been sent to the outlets by then?

    Sorry I can't be of more help - I hope you can find one because that color is gorgeous!
  3. Thanks!

    I think I'm going to call Jax and see about that... I'll bet they havent made it to the outlet yet since i believe it didnt come out on the website until january ( i think...) one went on ebay last night for 280 and i'm so mad i couldnt bid on it (banned :sad:)

    I'm sure with a little patience I'll find it.. it was :heart: at first sight... lol...
  4. Shoot - wish I could be more help - Vacaville had a bunch of Madelines, but I can't remember if green was there as I love handle bags, but never use them so have had to ban myself from buying them at all;)
  5. ooh, thanks for lookin out!