Has anyone seen the gorgeous

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  1. bags by Be & D ? I found one in Saks I had to have regardless of cost (and even though, the last thing I need is another bag) I understand these are 2 new designers from New York. I have been e-mailing with one of them in an attempt to get a wallet to match my bag - I left a message at the New York offce but haven't had a response.
  2. No. Not familiar with the line. Do you have pics that you could show us??
  3. I love the entire line. Very funky.
  4. Search their website for beautiful photos of the bags along with the names given by the makers (after famous women) These are truly unique handbags - the leather is to die for.
  5. They truly are funky - amazing leather and workmanship - these guys really started at the top with their prices.
  6. You're right. They do have nice bags. I like this one but its a little too pricey for me. $1,280 :wacko:


  7. I like this one , and they do have great bags
  8. i loooove the oversized hobos, but i don't like the overly-studded satchels. i don't like bags that are just covered in things, in general.
  9. I am not to thirlled by those either , i know if i got one i would only wear it about maybe three times and be tired of it
  10. I agree about the over studded ones - I bought the "Christine Cruise" which is gorgeous and I get compliments on daily - It's fun to have e great bag that doesn't scream the designer at you!
  11. i so agree - i love my new isabella fiore because it's beautiful, but it's not covered in logos or monograms and doesn't scream "look at my bag, it cost many hundred dollars!"

    if the Be & D's were a little less expensive, i very well may have gone with one of their oversized hobos.
  12. Amanda, The large Be&D hobo's are REALLY large - I am 5'4'' and 125 pounds - I tried the bags (they are truly stunning) they completely dwarf me so I got the smaller version which looks great and was a bit less expensive. The thing about them is they stand out in a crowd and nobody (yet) really knows the maker - Fiore does make beautiful bags!!