Has anyone seen the GOLD Limelight Clutch?

  1. I saw it in the newest issue of Glamour. Its STUNNING....I WANT IT! Have you seen it?
  2. As far as I know, the gold is not in production. Only rosé gold and silver are publicly available.
  3. wow, i love to see it...thanks for posting
  4. I'd love to see a picture as well, it SOUNDS gorgeous!
  5. Let me see if I can take a pic of a pic...
  6. Taken from Glamour ...isnt it TDF!!!
    pics 642.jpg
  7. that is TDF, I love it
  8. i am dying for this clutch! i actually did a search right now looking for info on this clutch on this forum....id prefer it in silver but any info on pricing and availability would be great??
  9. I have the Perle...I want the GOLD!!! Yes, any info would be great...its probly a runway item...thats always my luck! (maybe I could paint the perle) JK!!!:rolleyes::rolleyes:
  10. Are you sure it's gold and not just a trick of the light regardless it looks hot!!
  11. Selena just called the LV number and they said it was the Perle...Im sorry..but mine does not look like that next to something gold!! ( I told Selena she got a misinformed SA) lol...I want it to be gold!
  12. It looks like a color typo of the Limelight in Copper....perhaps it was poor ink but i agree, a pale gold would have been TDF !!
  13. Yeah it does look good, like champagne, good enough to slurp it down.
  14. Yah I think it's the Perle, with the champagne tinge like in old burnt sienna photos.
  15. Very pretty.