Has anyone seen the f/w 06 Marron?

  1. is it similar to the 04 Marron? when does it hit stores...with blue india?:flowers:
  2. Have only seen photos. That's what I'm waiting for in the Day.
  3. could you tell if the color is similar to the 04 marron?
  4. Looks quite similar but with a lot more (veins) distressing. If you want a pic I can forward the email I received from LVR. Just send me your email
  5. excellent, i just pm'd you!
  6. I was trying to decide between the two, and had asked Joseph at BalNY the same question. He said that the 06 did not have quite as many brown undertones and was very close to the Bourdeaux of last season. I had seen the Bourdeux from last year and didn't like it - too burgandy for me. I wanted something that definitely had brown undertones, and went with the 04 Marron. But - I never actually saw the 06 Marron and just went with Joseph's word. Hope that helps!
  7. Are you talking about the 06 Grenat? I've seen several IRL...
  8. my 04 marron has a lot of reddish undertones... I thought the new marron was supposed to have an olive cast- so a green undertone instead of a red undertone? that'd be cool.

    ETA: just looked at the swatches on atelier.naff again- the colors all look pretty close to what i've seen IRL for the pre-fall colors (maybe a shade darker than IRL), so I'm guessing the marron on there pretty close as well..