Has anyone seen the Denim Cabas?

  1. How does this look in person? I've seen pics. My SA is trying to get me into that instead of a caviar.


    Does anyone know how much it is. I just don't know if I see myself as a Denim Chanel type of girl. I just love the leather, the touch, the smell....hehe....

    Which is another whole question, does anyone else love smelling the "new" leather? Its my favorite. :p
  2. I have only seen pictures but when I went into the boutique yesterday the Look Book said $1295. Put your name down for it just in case because otherwise when it comes out you may miss out on it.
  3. In a few years I don't think you will consider a denim bag to be a classic. It is nice, but the leather is absolutely gorgeous. You will never regret buying the leather but you may regret buying the denim.
  4. Oh and one more thing, never let a sales associate convince you to buy one bag when your instincts are telling you to buy another.
  5. I believe there are two sizes... smaller one is 1295 and bigger one is 1395... and i heard the big one is really big...
  6. I think it was 1395...try doing a search and you can find out for sure.
  7. My SA said its a smaller CABAS..and its 1295..Im listed for it..ONLY seen pics,cant wait.She said itll be out in April
  8. I saw the denim at the Chanel trunk show. I wasn't crazy about them. There are two sizes. I thought they were HUGE....even the small. I love the cabas in leather, but denim didn't appeal to me.
  9. I saw the denim cabas wednesday at the trunk show. It was nice but I think you would definitely use the leather longer. And it will also stay nicer looking longer vs denim that can fade.
  10. The denim is very cute. But imo I would not buy it unless money is no object. It has a short shelf life.
  11. i have only seen pictures of it and totally love it, however i personally would not get one. you should never let an SA persuade you to buy anything. you should buy a bag because you love it and your heart desires it. best of luck.
  12. i LOVE the denim... but if i have the money and chance to get the blakc caviar leather, i would go for the leather :yes:
  13. i would def go for the leather first

    but, i have a different take on the denim...................i think a denim Chanel is, while not classic in the traditional way, charming and looks great with NONdenim, like khakis, black, gray gabardine pants, a white shirt and sandals or ballet slippers.....and :;sigh of happiness:: those of us that live in warm climates year around, can get away with purses that northerners can't...i guess that's our payback for not being able to enjoy cute sweaters, boots, heavy cute jackets, leather blazers, lush leather gloves, etc LOL . you gotta love denim though... and it really doesn't fade....like i said before, any color changes will take years and then will be equivalent to the honeying on the handles of an LV Speedy, but this is only if the denim is dark (do not like light denim bags)
  14. I agree, denim seems cooler in warm climates! :yes: I have a LV speedy denim that I got almost two years ago and have carried it a lot and the denim has held up amazingly and I haven't really "babied it" - looks new - I was skeptical it would hold up so well - but it has.
  15. Since the denim cabas is a dark denim, do you think you could wear it with other denim, even if lighter or a different shade? Like jeans or skirt, not on top.