Has anyone seen the Dark Green Reissue?

  1. May I know has anyone seen the dark green reissue or have a pic? Some says it's forest green. Appreciate any help and thanks in advance!
  2. Yes I saw it yesterday at NM. It was forest green, disstressed leather and had some sheen to it. Very saturated color. Not sure if I liked the ruth chain on the green. Also not too dark green, but pretty.
  3. I've seen it at Neiman Marcus in San Francisco. The color is quite vivid - very pretty! It is not a super dark forest green, it is brighter. I think the rhw looked good with the green.
  4. I saw it in Paris two weeks ago. It is from the new season and the SA told me those were "jewel" colors (emerald) I also saw "saphir" (a very strong blue), gold, and "amethyst" (violet/purple).
    The green is very special and nice, though nothing for me...
    The ruthenium chain looked very dark, I would prefer a bright silver one.
  5. Thank you, ladies! I hope to get to see it IRL soon. Deliberating whether to ask DH to get it when he travels to Europe.