Has anyone seen the Courier

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  1. in this season's colors?

    I saw the Grenat. Did anyone see it in the rouge vif or Sapin???
  2. There was a sapin courier at shirise today. It's amazing, but dark. The sapin is very dark green. No veins - amazing leather. Sapin and black were the best / thickest / not veiny leathers among the bunch - but they didn't have rouge or blue india yet.

    I didn't love it because sapin is a two season color (to me) and i'm hoping for a four-season like caramel or possibly blue india, although i haven't seen it yet.

    The caramel courier (I tried on) was nice, but, frankly the leather was veiny and thin like the s/s 06. I wasn't blown away like I was hoping.

    Also, and this is crazy....the Courier wasn't as huge as I remembered it being last spring when I 'discovered' it. It won't work for travel for me, after all. And it's awkward for work - a little too rumpled. So I may actually have to somehow find an XL Courier if I really want a travel bag. Good grief!
  3. Thanks so much for sharing summer!!!! I saw the black courier too- which I really liked a lot!!! I would love to see the Sapin! I'm glad it exists. I need someone's opinion of the rouge vif in the courier. I don't know if it would be too much for the courier (if the color would be overwhelming)
  4. Yeah...that's ALOT of bright red. It would really pop in the winter, though, in Mass. So, it could be cute but you'd be making a statement. Just depends on what you want. The sapin was very wearable...would look GREAT with black or any neutrals or yellows, browns, JEANS, etc.

    I just wanted something with a 'medium' tone - not too dark, not too light. And, I guess that was either caramel or blue india in this batch of colors. And the caramel was 'okay'. Really veiny leather. I didn't go to buy today - so I don't know but I suspect I would have waited to see what other colors came in or maybe ....gulp...what colors are coming out in s/s 07?
  5. I know... I wonder what new colors will be coming out s/s'07!!! Maybe you would like the Grenat in the courier- it's not too dark and not light in color. Have you considered that? I wish someone knew if there are going to be rouge vif in the part time. Maybe there will be someway for me to get a rouge vif courier and a green courier!:lol: I really like big shoulder bags.
  6. So, I've been thinking and thinking about Couriers off and on all day - it's a sickness....anyway, that is the bag for me. I thought that a few months ago too...it just always seems to take me awhile to decide the same thing.

    I don't know what to think now about the leathers and colors, though. You should see the diffenence between the sapin and the caramel. The quality of the leather (to my feel) was very different. Like two different brands. So, it's not just about color anymore, now it's feel too, which is really hard to convey via pics. So, I may have to just buy it in a store - rather than here or Ebay. Which is fine, but not what I expected to do.

    I wonder what the odds are of finding a Courier at an end of season sale....(thinking WAYYY ahead here, lol). :angel:
  7. I know exactly what you mean when you say that there is a big difference in the leathers!!! I agree... you need to see the bag in person before you buy or have a trustworth SA help pick it out for you if you phone in your order (LOL-sounds like I'm ordering take-out food:lol: )

    My next bag will be the Courier for sure! I too, have never let it leave my mind since I got into the Bbag world!

    I also feel that the Courier in the lighter colors make the bag look HUGE and I think the darker colors make it look smaller.

    You probably could find the Courier on sale but you will wait a long time for that to happen.
  8. Does anyone know what colors they're making the courier in for f/w? I'm torn between getting a courier or a part time. I just love my big bags :smile:
  9. Still looking for info. Wouldn't mind getting a grenat in this or maybe I will get an ink instead. I really need to make up my mind already.
  10. Rouge VIF

  11. Does anyone have pics of someone carrying the XL Courier vs the regular Courier? Just curious about the size difference...

    That rouge Vif courier really pops!!! wow!!! I assume that's the one you've got up on eBay. :smile:
  12. Oh- Live I love that courier! The color is the best!
  13. gina- Last time I was at Barney's at Chestnut Hill, MA they had a grenat and an ink courier. The ink wasn't on display so she had to get it from the back room.

    Fiatflux- there is a picture on one of the websites that show a mannequin holding both sizes I will try to find it. It could have been AR- not sure.
  14. Thanks. I'm trying to avoid sales tax if I can though. Aloha Rag has the ink in but theyr'e not getting any fall colors. I really think the ink will go with anything though so maybe that might be the best way to go.
  15. ^^^yes- the ink would be a great choice. It will go with a lot!