Has anyone seen the contrast stitch tote in flesh/ black?

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  1. Hi all,

    My SA from Neiman's is sending me a bag that I have not seen and I am dying to get an opinion from anyone who may have seen this bag in their local boutique. It is on Chanel.com in green and black under Spring 2007 Act I and is called the contrast stitch tote. My SA had one in flesh and black that she described as beige not cream. I am concerned that it may be too light and that the contrast with the black may be too stark. It is sort of bucket shaped and I think it is from the Country Club line. The waiting for UPS is killing me;) Can anyone give me an opinion? If the colors don't work I want to start looking for another Chanel. Thanks so very much!
  2. I think this is the colour you are talking about, so you have a fair idea as to the contrast for the tote.. But of course in a tote style. YEah this is the Country Club Ligne.:yes:. HTH
    Pic Courtesy to Lovely Lainey.
  3. Post pics of it when you get it!!!
  4. Sounds pretty! Yes, post pics when it arrives.