Has anyone seen the color "Prune"

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  1. Was talkng to an SA who mentioned hearing about the color but she had not actually seen it so she couldn't describe it. Just curious how it compares to raisin.
  2. Oh no Valencia....the SAs have a great way of confusing us all!! I bet it will be a similar color to raisin. Raisin was so popular when it first came out..and still is!! I would assume it would be similar...perhaps a little more purplish. I have not seen or heard about it.
  3. Valencia if you do a search on "prune" you will find bags with our own Deux Armoire (cherve from memory) and Angel (ostrich) :smile:
  4. The only prune color I've seen is on Prune keyring from the fruit collection. It is a very dark purple color.
  5. I've seen the swatches of Prune in Boxcalf and Swift, and it's absolutely gorgeous!!!! It's a dark red with a hint of purple and a hint of brown: like dark red wine!!!! Nothing to do with Raisin, which is purple!!
  6. Ditto on what Duna said. Prune in boxcalf is absolutely amazing. It's more brownish in chevre.
  7. I think Deux Armoire has a prune kelly but it might be a different color!
  8. Does anyone know how prune and raisin will compare to the latest purple-y colour, quetsch?
  9. I have a prune Kelly and the color is very different from raisin. I agree with duna and frenchiefan on the color description. My prune is chevre mysore and it's like a very, very dark red wine with brown tones.

    Here are pics when I was still "La Vanguardia" lol!

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  10. My Early America shawl is in the color-way "prune", and I would describe it as a cordovan brown. Don't know how it translates to leather. Here is a picture of it on the shawl.

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  11. In Boxcalf it's definately more red than either brown or purple: it's a very warm burgandy colour, that reminds me of dark red velvet (it's a childhood memory, I don't even know if it exists anymore!) but, even though I'm particularly partial towards Box, I can guarantee that, if you like H reds, you can't NOT love this colour!!!!! I'm going to order something in it ASAP!!!!!!!:tup:
  12. I love you Duna!!!^^ (such passion)
  13. The only other prune that I've seen is matte croc and that was also lovely. A little bit also on the brownish side if I remember correctly.
  14. Thanks KB, love ya too!:kiss:
  15. It's kind of close to marron fonce.. brownish.