Has anyone seen the classic flap with heart shaped charms?

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  1. Hello everyone! I received an email from Chanel with that little game that introduced some of the pre-collection items through: www.lovelychanelgifts.com I saw this adorable bag called: Classic quilted flap in lambskin Chanel signature clasp and interlaced chain strap with heart shaped charms. It comes in red, blue, beige and maybe another colour.

    Two questions for seasoned shopers:

    They have the measurements, but I'm not very good with cm's so how does it compare to a large or jumbo flap bag? Also, has anyone seen the red? Because honestly it looks more like fuchsia on the website!

    This is the print screen from the Chanel website:

  2. Hi. Maybe you can view higgledybp's thread cos she recently bought the red one. It only comes in 2 sizes, mini and M/L. Maybe you should wait for other experts to explain the measurement differences :smile:
  3. These are the valentine flaps -- if you do a search, you'll find a number of good posts on them from TPFers that have already bought them (from this season and last). You'll also see some good photos of the red lambskin, beige lambskin, black and I think there was a black patent someone had too. They come in mini and m/l size.
  4. Thank you! I was really confused about the sizes and the prices because it seem much less than the flap bags but it didn't look look mini!
  5. That particular one in the pic you posted is mini. It's about the size of a palm.

    The color is called "red" but looks very pinkish. It's not just the pic. That's how it looks in real life. They also did another red though, in patent leather and that's true fire engine red. Pics of that bag is posted by a tPFer in the color reference thread.
  6. saw the pink mini vday flap in saks 5th in 57th few weeks ago, its really really small
  7. That's a mini about $2025. About the size of the palm
  8. Thank you very much, you've been really helpful!

    Also, thanks everyone else for the help... I actually didn't realise Chanel had a Valentine's release every year, because I'm more of an occasional Chanel buyer =)
  9. OMG Seriously???? Chanel HQ told me there won't be any pink Valentine's bag in any US stores and told me to call other countries to check it out!!! What???
  10. Hirshleifer in NY has ordered the pink/red lambskin in mini.
  11. Just was in NM and Chanel store in SFO, they all sold out a long time ago of this Valentine bag... The SA told me that everything were booked and bought from trunk show... So if you want to find them anywhere else, yopu might have to rush, most likely no more left:smile: Good luck!
  12. She probably meant she saw the same bag in your avatar. Most people would think that color is pink unless they knew it is actually called red by Chanel. There's supposed to be coral that looks pink like last year but I believe none of the stores in US are getting them. They seem to be available in Asia though.