Has Anyone Seen The Cl Bling Bling Shoe On Sale??????

  1. I have been dying for this shoe and figure it would make the perfect new years party shoe but I cant seem to find it anywhere. If anyone has seen them please let me know. Thanks!!!!!!

    and HAPPY (EARLY) NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!
  2. Nordstrom was the only store to mark down a few pairs (they only had limited sizes to start with) and they were all pre-sold before the start of the sales. A very surprising mark-down. That shoe is actually long sold out full price at most places and Bob Ellis has like 3 sizes left but all at full price (they are not going to mark that one down).
  3. Thanks foxy , If i can find them I dont mind paying full price for them (although I would have loved to get them on sale...lol)
  4. I thought the same thing, the perfect New Years Shoe. But now that I am not going to be at a typical party on New Years, I have no use for them.

    I know that Saks still has them in store in the pewter color and as of a few days ago they were on Saks.com - but they were still full price for $1,325.

    You can always have them special ordered through CL.
  5. CL Beverly Hills had this shoe in gold i believe. Give Alisha call and she will help you out!
  6. Alisha just helped me out. She is an enalber too, needs to be a member of TPF. I love the bling, it's classic. You may pay alot up front, but you will wear it forever.