Has anyone seen the Choo snake/eel skin coin purse/wallet that came in pink and green

  1. ?? I didn't get this when I saw it in Vegas and I'm kicking myself. Trying to find it now! It was a small leather good, ziptop type thing.

    I'd appreciate any help!
  2. I have not seen it, but here are the phone numbers of the 2 Jimmy Choo stores in Vegas. I would try calling and having it sent to you!:choochoo:
    The Shops @ Ceasers Palace: 702-691-2097
    The Venetian Hotel: 702-733-1802

    Good Luck and be sure to let us see photos!
  3. I haven't seen those colors, but I've seen the eelskin wallet in burgundy and chocolate at my Choo boutique in SF. They're more fabulous than words.
    If you do find it, please post pics~!
  4. I tried! No luck but thanks!
  5. OK, I would suggest that you give Casey @ JC Chicago 312-255-1170 a call. If there is one out there to be had, she will hunt it down. Plus, depending on your location, you will not have to pay any sales tax by having it shipped to you (unless there is a JC store in your state)

    Good Luck:tup:
  6. THANK YOU so much, she was really nice and is going to search for it. I'm also going to have her send me her card and add me to the mailing list.

    I really appreciate the info!
  7. I am so happy you called Casey. When I called her to let her know my bag arrived, she mentioned someone called today and I asked if it might have been you. She was busy hunting down information on you coin purse, so lets keep our fingers crossed! (toes too)