Has anyone seen the chaine d'ancre scarf ring made of horn?

  1. I was recently introduced to tPF and you have inspired me a lot with you pics of your fantastic Hermès things.

    I have decided to buy one or maybe two scarves, but apart from that I have seen a fantastic scarf ring (see this thread for pics) that I really would like to have. It is made of horn and it is called "chaine d'ancre". The colour is quite "light" and it seems to be kind of shimmering. If anyone has seen this, please PM me.
  2. Kashmira I bought mine at the store in Stockholm. They have them from time to time but the colour may differ. Try calling them
  3. I bought mine in paris last year. The colors will vary because its made from horn. Just like slabs of granite will vary.
  4. The colors do differ a lot. For reference, here's a pic of mine, which is quite a bit darker.
  5. Thanks a lot for showing a pic MaiTai- yours is lovely too!
  6. I have called the Stockholm store and also been in contact with the shop i Copenhagen. In Copenhagen it was not available at all, but in Stockholm there was one, but the SA told me the colour was very dark and I am hoping to find a lighter one.
  7. The ones at the store near me has a dark and light streak vertically across. From a distance, it looks like half has been dipped in dark chocolate. The contrast bothers me. Best to personally see it before ordering.
  8. i too agree that it's best to choose one in person.
  9. Kashmira, When I got mine last year, my SA sent a picture of all the ones they had. Thought I'd post it for you just so you can see the huge variety in how they look:

  10. Thanks a lot for showing this picture- I definitely agree with that it must be best to choose in person!
  11. HORN PORN!!!!!

    What a gorgeous photo!!!
    They are each fabulous in their own way!!
    What a lovely SA you have KG!!!

  12. There is another long-version of the horn scarf ring with one of the side is lacquered.
  13. I tried the scarves I wanted to buy but found them too big and also stopped looking for the horn scarf ring. Yesterday when I visited a H shop I just couldn't resist a 90*90 scarf and I think it would look amazing with a horn scarf ring so if you happen to see any in a H shop, please let me know!
  14. which boutique did you visit, was it denmark?
  15. Yes it was Copenhagen. I didn't see any horn scarf ring but forgot to ask if they had any but they didn't a couple of months ago.