Has anyone seen the BRIEF in black with regular hw?

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  1. Does it exist?
  2. I'm wondering that too... haven't seen a brief in any color yet with regular hardware. :shrugs:
  3. I think it is SUPPOSED to exist, but it has not come out yet. Are the giant hardware bags larger in size, or is it just the hardware that is super-sized?
  4. I believe Barneys Chestnut Hill may have it. I was asking about their stock last week and I'm pretty sure they said they have the brief with regular hardware in black and white.
  5. I was just at Barney's Chestnut Hill today and they have it. I saw it at Bal NY as well. I have yet to see any other colors with normal hardware, but the black definitely exists.
  6. It does exist, I saw it in black and white at Neimans SF. They are also getting it in cafe. It's very pretty with the regular hardware.
  7. I saw it today at NM Denver.
  8. How big is it? And does anyone know the price with the regular hardware? I was thinking about a white.
  9. I saw a black one the other day in Harvey Nichols London. It was not huge but still bigger than the city. I was too busy looking at the stuff on sale that I forgot to ask the price lol!
  10. Thanks for all the feedback and info!

    On a side note: I am sooo annoyed right now. Barneys in Seattle is the only place here that carries Balenciaga. My fave SA there quit a few months ago and the people they have working now, frankly, suck @ss. I called there today and was told by the SA that answered that "we will no longer be carrying the bags with the old hardware on them, only the new big hardware. They are not making the bags with the old hardware any longer..." :rolleyes:

    Of course I corrected her on THAT ONE and she backpedaled and said, "Well, we will not be CARRYING the regular hardware any more... so you will have to get the bag from Balenciaga in New York" NO MENTION of other Barneys stores carrying the bags... what a jerk. :rolleyes:

    I honestly think they must recruit their SAs from Walmart or something (wait, that is an insult to Walmart...) Good GRIEF.... :cursing:

    end RANT