Has anyone seen the black/black hw paddy?

  1. If you have, please pm me! I bought one from NAP before and returned it (because I was dumb) and now I am looking for it...perhaps with all these sales, someone has heard of one! Thanks!
  2. Bluefly had them awhile back, and I regret not snapping one up. Keep checking their site because sometimes things go away for a while and then pop up again. Aloha Rag also used to carry them, but they're not showing them anymore. Maybe call them and ask?
  3. The black/black small Paddy with the long strap was on sale at Aloha Rag during their last sale. I got one from them, but I haven't seen it anywhere else since. It's my favorite bag now too! I will keep my eyes peeled for one.
  4. I will keep a lookout too. I didn't like it at first, but then I decided I loved it, and was able to find one on eBay from a wonderful PF'r...It was sitting in her closet for weeks, and I paid her almost what she paid for it, (from NAP) but it was worth it since now it's one of my favorites...I've had mine for about 6 months, but they turn up on eBay now and again...you'll get one, I'm sure!:tup:BTW, Diabro.net has the mini in the black/black. It's adorable too!
  5. do you mean black with black padlock? i saw a mini one in diabro.net!
  6. Yes, that's the one I mentioned. It's still up there! :graucho:
  7. Thanks so much everyone!!! I'm looking for the regular sized paddy satchel though. =) I will keep searching!!! Congratulations to those of you who have it!
  8. i juz saw one regular size of black/black paddy at eBay today! yet...if you're looking up within eBay BEWARE!!!!! its fake...the padlock is the other way round!
  9. oooh..thanks for the info!!!