Has anyone seen the Astrokan line?

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  1. I have been searching for an evening bag with straps. Nothing black tie. (I have the timeless clutch for that) My SA recommended the Astrokan line or the Le Marais line? Would would you recommend? I have a timeless clutch in the black lambskin and a GST tote in the black caviar. The Le Marais bag is a metallic gold black.
  2. the astrakan small bag is like the e/w flap only it's scrunched up all over. I'm neutral on that particular pattern. can't give you a thumbs up or thumbs down
  3. The Le Marais Line is great!!!!! See pics at NM San Antonio new stock
  4. I love the Ashtakan line...I have the large size and it is amazing. It is lambskin...something that I never buy..but in this case the detail and the pattern hide any possible scratches. I am total love with this bag...
  5. This is the smaller w/ the chain. The picture is a close up,but, the bag is a great smaller size for evening. :tup: