Has anyone seen pink gucci sandals?

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  1. My sister just bought the pink GG canvas boston bag- from the sale where else?????.. We looked everywhere for the matching sandals or mules. DOes anyone if they actually make them in the pink????? I checked bluefly, gucci.com and the store.
    Appreciate your input!
  2. I have these....they are close...I believe the kitten heel version is on sale at Gucci.com
    Picture 105.jpg
  3. OH very pretty! Are they flat? Sorry I can't tell from the picture.
    Love your pedicure!:biggrin:
  4. I have the same sandals as sunshine but her toes are cuter!! Mine have a tiny tiny little heel on them. I love them! I bought them at Saks but I think I saw them on gucci's website a day or two ago.
  5. mine are the flat thong...they do come in the cutest kitten heel as well.
  6. Check Gucci.com again they are sale for 209 with the kitten heel. The ones like Sunshine's.
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