Has anyone seen Parma anything anywhere??

  1. i need a purple fix...
  2. The BV web site has some accessories listed in Parma in the Sale section. Haven't seen Parma anywhere else!

  3. The BV Atlantic City store had a Parma Catena, Parma Baby Tote, and Parma Boston Bag (and they are all on sale!) as of last week. Also, BV NY had a few Parma Marquis pieces....good luck!
  4. i must be blind -- where??
  5. what's the catena? thanks for all the info ladies!
  6. the Catena is the one that has a braided handle and zipped around the side/bottom of the bag, 3 zips. super cute bag if you like hand-held bags. not shoulder friendly.

  7. This is the Catena

  8. I just went back and checked - there's a pleated Parma bag on p.2 of the Sale category, and Parma wallets and a card case on p.4.
  9. hey kicks, i`ve heard that parma didn`t sell to good here in europe...if you have a particular piece that you like, maybe ana can get hold of it from her colleagues here?
  10. found them -- thanks!
  11. i don't have any particular item in mind, which is part of my problem. i've sort of been on an accessories binge lately and don't need or want anything specific but i just love this color. actually, i do need an agenda so if anyone sees one in parma...
  12. hmmh, one idea might be to browse the online catalog and pick a piece you might be interested in, then inquire if it was available in parma and then ask to track it down...

    i know, sounds like a lot of work but maybe you find a really nice piece ;o)