Has anyone seen or heard of Lena Ezriak?

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  1. I have been seeing advertisements of her bags and they look really attractive. Has anyone seen one IRL? Was just wondering about quality. TIA.
  2. BUMP! I saw some of her bags in People Stylewatch and Lucky Magazine. Her bags do look amazing. I called their showroom several times to inquire about ordering a bag (no ecommerce on their website and I cannot find a store that carries them online) and the phone just rang and rang. They are beautiful online and in pics though.
  3. ^^ Thank you. That is interesting about the phone ringing. I know they are located on the lower east side of Manhattan so I intend to pay them a visit in April.
  4. When you go, can you please give a report? I've checked out her website before but there are no retailers listed near me to get a look at them!
  5. I have tried calling their showroom 2 more times, no answer. :sad:
  6. So not impressed!!! I sent an email (still intending on buying a bag) and haven't received a response yet. BOOOOOO Lena Ezriak! Hard to sell bags when you 1. don't have an ecommerce site 2. Sell in like 2 stores in the entire country. 3. Don't pick up your friggin phone or respond to emails!
  7. :cursing: That's just awful! Forget them! If the company doesn't respond to emails than they are exibiting bad acumen as far as customer service goes. Sorry. I am ruling them out.
  8. I called the contact on the lena ezriak webpage today and someone picked up the phone. I would love to order their handbag (the valentino), wondering if anyone has ordered one before since the last posting. The bags look well made IRL. Will post comments but any comment would help.
  9. Wow! I just checked their website again and oh my have their prices gone thru the roof since I posted originally! :faint: (I seem to have misspelled their name- LenaErziak.com)