Has anyone seen or does anyone carry...?

  1. Has anyone seen someone carry the Dog Bag as their everyday bag or do any of you carry it like that?
  2. Do you mean the Sac Chien? Or is there actually a new LV called the Dog Bag? :confused1:
  3. i would think they would carry it everyday only if their dog was in it
  4. On Vuitton's website it's called the "Dog Bag".. but yes I mean the Sac Chien.
  5. No..it'd be weird, especially with that area in the front for them to breathe/look out. It's not meant to be an actual bag, plus, you'd see all your stuff in it.
    I think if you carried it as an everyday bag, you might always have people trying to look in it to see your dog.
  6. LOL yeah.. I was just wondering.. people carry so many kinds of bags as their everyday bags.. so you never know what you may see out there.
  7. Rebecca, there's a flap thing you can roll down so people won't be able to see inside :lol: I considered using my sac chien as luggage since my dog no longer fits into it...but it just ends up sitting in my closet. There's no way I'd use it as a daily bag, it's too big and just not very comfortable to lug around.
  8. Does it smell like dog? I say if it doesnt, then why not use it as luggage. hahaha at least your using it.
  9. Lol I know, it'd just be funny, people asking to see your dog and you have all your daily stuff in there instead. :p
  10. Yep. Many people perceive a pet carrier as an open invitation to peer in and/or even start up a conversation with the person carrying it. If I had to carry one around I'd be very tempted to give them their money's worth with a garden gnome or something in there.