Has anyone seen or bought the Stamped Bag PM?

  1. I saw it at my LV store (KoP) and it looked very nice but didn't try it on.

    How much is it?
  2. its 1850 ish..ITS AMAZING ..I put all my stuff in it..I saw the red one..its so mine..LOL....Im gonna make Phh buy it for me as an anniversary present..LOL.....just to drive him nuts...hee.hee..
    The large one is gonna be too big aand bulky to hand carry..so Im gonna get the PM.
  3. ps- I saw it at Saks in BALA ,PA.....they are so nice at that LV store.I walked in and they came running towards me with the bag!!LOL!...
  4. I loved the look & it holds a ton but its suede :sad:
    I really liked the GM, but no more suede for me.
  5. LOL!!! They really love you there!!! It'd be a little funny if they tripped...oops...:wtf:
  6. I figured it was $$$!! Thanks for the info!!
  7. I tried on both the brown & gray pm and it is such a nice style but due to the suede I won't purchase it...but then again I am thinking of purchasing the nomade lockit pm:wtf:
  8. What about the suede turns people off? Is it hard to take care of?
  9. personally i just dont like the way suede feels.... any pictures??
  10. Does anyone have a pic of that bag??????
  11. Suede is just as durable as leather- you just need to get a suede bar and brush to keep it clean.
  12. im afraid of suede bags.. they give me nightmares.. i saw this bag in the boutique its gorgeous!