Has anyone seen NWT 14502 Coach Peyton Blue Leather

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  1. Does anyone have the peyton 14502 in the blue? Is it similar to the website pics? I am thinking of ordering sight unless be need some advice from anyone who has seen it or has it. What is the leather like? Any advice?

    Thank you.

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  2. I saw a woman carrying one at the post office, I think it was about two weeks ago. I did not love it.
  3. I take that back...it was the tote in that color. Oops!
  4. I've tried it on at the store, it's nice but I'm not a fan of the leather on it. The bag is really comfy on your shoulder though!
  5. That's what I am worried about, that the leather may be thin. Thanks for opinions.
  6. I have this bag and really like it. The leather is very soft and it's a beautiful blue color. I've only used it a couple of times because I'm saving it for spring, but it's a great tote, IMO. BTW, the lining in this bag is adorable. It's white with tan polka dots. Really cute!
  7. Glad to hear. Thanks for advice.
  8. I saw one at Von Maur, and it's STUNNING! I wouldn't pass this bag up if you like it. The leather is very nice, and the hardward is pretty! I think this is a great bag!
  9. I have to say the color is pretty but the leather is thin. Those turnlocks are heavy and they cause the strap to cave in on itself. I wouldn't get this bag, one of my coworkers has it and complains about this issue.