has anyone seen national treasure II?

  1. i want to go to a movie tonight. DH and i have agreed on either i am legend or national treasure. i am legend has rave reviews everywhere....but i don't know if i'm in the mood for something that dark. (i personally want to see walk hard....but i got veto'd. :smile:) and national treasure is such a toss up....it's one of those movies that will either be amazing or awful. (we felt this way about the first one too. it turned out amazing.)

    anyway, on to the point: was the second as good or better than the first? is it worth 20 bucks or should we wait for the video?
  2. I think that if both of you liked the first, then you have to see the second. It was good, and I love Riley's humor.
  3. I went with my boys and DH. We all loved it. Personally I thought the first one was better, but this one is good also. How can you NOT love Riley?!

    Even if it's not as good as the first one I am hard-pressed to find a movie that is worth the money! LOL
  4. I just saw this last weekend and I thought it was great - better than I expected. I loved I am Legend too, but it is really heavy and sad.
  5. I went a couple weekends ago and my husband and i enjoyed it! Im ready to see the 3rd one if they make one :p
  6. I am going to see the second one when I'm back from vacation. The first one was so good..especially for a Disney movie! I didn't like Legend very much. I had to peek through my fingers through a lot.
  7. I saw it and I liked it! Not as much as the first, but it's still good. Of course, it's got all kinds of unrealistic things happening at all times, but I love the expedition/Indian Jones style movies!
  8. we didn't end up going tonight....but will probably go this weekend. thanks for the input! i'm much more in the mood for something funny and adventurous than sad and dark.
  9. I saw it a few days before Christmas and it left alot to be desired. There wasn't as much action as I expected, and it was very slow. I say it's a 'renter'.

    The worst part about the movie was the AWFUL Disney "Goofy Get's HD'' movie that they played as a preview. It NEVER ended. I'm not kidding, it was about 10 minutes long, and my boyfriend and I thought we walked in the wrong theater. Did this stupid thing play in every theater?
  10. ^Well, I don't know about every theatre, but it sure played in mine! I was a little confused too! All the previews were kids' movies, so I knew I wasn't in for anything raunchy!

  11. Actually this one was pretty good. Same basic ingredients as the first movie but with more excitement, IMO. Nicolas Cage has never done a sequel prior to this movie. I loved the history they used. All of the facts are true, but the conjecture definitely leaves you with something to ponder... :tup::tup: And yes, I LOVE Riley's character. What would the movie be without his comic relief??
  12. I saw National Treasure two the first day it was released.
    Riley is my favorite.
    And really cute in a dorky kind of way.
    I liked it the same as the first. A couple of nailbiting moments. Loved the ending. 9/10

  13. Do you think they left it open for another sequel? Jerry Bruckheimer rarely makes bad movies or tv shows. At least, I can't think of one...
  14. Me DH and..well his whole family went to a midnight viewing the night it came out and loved it. We saw I Am Legend earlier that night and loved it too..His papaw wasn't too big of a fan of it though
  15. national treasure II was pretty good! i had to pee in the middle but i didnt want to miss anything so i stayed the entire time.