Has anyone seen Mulberry Emmy or Annie on sale?

  1. thanks.
  2. Toreilly, keep checking the Neiman Marcus Premier Designer Handbag Sale section...the Emmy pops up once in a while, but tends to disappear just as fast as it appears. You should also call their customer service to check if any of the stores are carrying it...
  3. there's still a cognac-almond emmy on sale on mulberry's own online shop.
  4. ^^ Agree - seen one at mulberry.com

    They did have one on sacs before Christmas but don't know if it is still there...
  5. thanks ladies. i'll check.
  6. I managed to get an Oak Emmy from Neiman Marcus (not online) for $598. There were also a few on NM online and Bergdorf Goodman online a couple of days ago. They seem to come and go (probably due to people returning them) so keep checking! Also, if you order from Bergdorf & don't have one in your state, you can save on sales tax too. Good Luck!
  7. Mulberry.com has sale on thier website.
  8. I saw 2 at Nordstrom's Valley Fair in San Jose, CA for 60% off last night. (Sorry, can't remember what the exact price was.) Were just marked down that day. Phone number for that store is 408 248 2180. Ask for handbags. They have very nice SAs.
  9. I am looking for an Annie, if anybody knows of any available online, thanks :smile:
  10. There is an "Annie" on sale at www.mulberry.com

    "click on shop online" then click on "sale"
  11. there was an emmy (dark brown and oak trim?) at the neimans last call at grapevine mills in dallas... not sure about the price though... might be in the 500s or 600s..

    they also had a olive green green euston if you're interested.
  12. Hi, I actually posted this question in the mulberry sale post, but will post again just in case - i cant access their website for some reason. it comes up with a strange error message.

    Did you see how much the Annie was on the mulberry website? thanks

  13. Saks Beverly Hills has the Annie in Oak for $850.00 plus 33% off and the Emmy in Chocolate for $839.00 plus 33% off. There are about 6 Annies and 3 Emmys left.

    Hope this helps
  14. thanks for that tip!
  15. I got my two toned (Oak/tan) Emmy at Last Call for $399 w/out tax. It was $648. In May they had a day with an extra 40% off all of their handbags. I'll post again if they have another sale. They had a lot of great bags with that discount in Atlanta at the NM Last Call outlet.:rolleyes: