Has anyone seen Mikimoto pearls in motion

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  1. Very nice!
  2. Wow!!! I'm not real big on pearls, but that is so cool! I want them bad, too!
  3. I saw these IRL at Shreve & Co.. to die for! Go for it if you can afford it! I'm gonna treat myself to some mikimoto strands someday!
  4. i've seen these in person at the mikimoto boutique at SCP.

    i LOOVVVEE the single pearl on strand. they had a black pearl and a gorgeous gold pearl when i was there.

    if you get something, you'll definitely have to share!
  5. I saw them at my local jewelers. They are gorgeous, but the thing that bothered me is that the pearls have a silicone stopper in them. Mikimoto guarantees them for life, but just the fact that they acknowledge that you are going to have to bring them back for service turned me off.
    I opted to put some Dave Yurman earrings on lay-away instead. LOL..............
  6. I have seen them IRL in London, they are really nice...Go for them
  7. ooo they look amazing!!
  8. I LOVE IT! If you end up getting it, please post some modeling photos :smile:
  9. I tried on the necklace in black Tahitian while in Las Vegas and I LOVED IT. I'm not a huge pearls for everyday fan, but this style is so versatile! Incredibly elegant. Definitely post pics if you get it.
  10. I just got black tahitian studs (see my new Gift), which would go great with the black pearls in motion of the black lariat pearl with the diamond lariat..gorgeous.
  11. very very nice and elegant
  12. I have seen both IRL, the concept is really cool and they are both versatile and beautiful pieces. It's like having more than one necklace/pair of earrings since you can change them around!
  13. I just looked at the pearls in motion earrings today. For me, the fact that the pearls are movable is really a novelty, but the earrings themselves are gorgeous.

    I'm not sure if they show it on the website, but they also have those earrings with one white pearl and one black pearl on white gold. It's very elegant and probably less expensive. I know the white pearls in motion earrings are $1250.
  14. I saw and tried them on. It is a great necklace!