Has anyone seen "metallic mousse" paddy irl?

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  1. Has anyone seen a paddy with this color leather in real life?


    I'm wondering if this color is similar to the older color called anthracite? Is this a dark gray metallic, or is it lighter?

  2. I would love to know as well, I have been eyeing it and trying to decide if that white padlock looks too much like plastic IRL.

  3. Today a credit came through for NAP --I had bought a something a couple of weeks ago and then it went on sale... so I asked customer service for a price adjustment. They wouldn't do that, :sad:but they did issue me a store credit for the difference. I decided to put the credit to good use and put it toward the metallic paddy with white lock!:nuts:

    I'll post pics after it comes tomorrow if anyone wants to see
  4. KMSNYC: Yes please! :smile: