Has anyone seen men's messengers bags on sale?

  1. I am looking for a nice messenger bag for my son. It has to be an
    executive type bag.....more like a briefcase. He is so afraid of carrying
    one out of fear that it will look effeminate, which his girlfriend insists will
    be the case. But, he has scoliosis, and the shoulder strap would lessen
    the strain on his spine. I am trying to talk him into carrying one, that is, if I
    can find the right one. Any ideas anyone? Thanks.
  2. Hi, what's your budget?

    How about a David King messenger?

    Amazon.com: David King Leather Porthole Brief with Inside Organizer: Apparel

    Weighs 3.5 lbs.

    Perhaps you could look at Levengers:

    This is on sale, but I am not sure how heavy it is and whether it will look nice being carried messenger-style?



    There are some good-looking leather messengers on ebags:

    Osgoode Marley

    Osgoode Marley Cashmere European Messenger Bag > Non-Wheeled Business Cases > Business - eBags

    Piel - two examples out of several cases/bags with adjustable shoulder strap. Do check out the reviews - they are helpful and point out bad points as well as good points.

    Piel Double Executive Computer Bag > Non-Wheeled Computer Cases > Business - eBags

    Piel Double Compartment Briefcase > Non-Wheeled Business Cases > Business - eBags
  3. Wow...so many choices. I had not yet looked at any because I wanted your advice first. As far as budget, $300 would probably be the highest I would want to go (that being the sale price). Given all the information you've given me, I will comb these sites today and see what I can find. Having never bought a messenger before, I wasn't certain where to start. My sons are both very style conscious (I created monsters), and are quite hard to please....something that drives my future daughters-in-law crazy!!
  4. Oh no no no, that is not effeminate at all!! Actually, I find it very sexy when I see guys carrying messenger bags :graucho::love:

    I love both the David King and Jack Spade messengers... they're really nice :nuts:
  5. I agree 100% nextnewface....both those bags are very masculine. I especially like the David King posted by passerby.....quite sexy and not too cumbersome.