Has anyone seen Mastic/Oatmeal in person? Is it close to 05 Caramel?

  1. The pictures Kim sent me look similar? has anyone seen it??
  2. Can you post the pics?!?!? Please!?!? :yes:
  3. Can anyone also please compare the Oatmeal to Argile(Sandstone)?
  4. I have heard the oatmeal is more yellow than sandstone which is more taupe.

    I have heard this from 2 pple who have both seen oatmeal, one being the sa at balny.
  5. Thank you!
  6. please post pics! I was going to ask the same question
  7. I just saw Mastic today at Bal Paris. It is similar to Sandstone, but a bit more yellow/golden. I agree with whoever said Sandstone is more Taupe.
  8. melmac - which do you like better, mastic or sandstone? Would GH vs RH make a difference in your assessment?

    P.S. Why is Balenciaga using the same color name again...and does this Mastic bear any resemblance to the original Mastic?
  10. melmac - Was there a difference in the leather? Is the fall 07 leather better?
  11. cilla - i'm kind of a newbie -- so i really don't know if you can trust my opinion with the leather, but the bags i saw were kind of shiny. they looked more or less the same as the spring 07 (to me). again, i must stress i'm not an expert. sorry :confused1:
  12. I agree with melmac. I was at Balny yesterday and the f/w 07's look exactly the same leather wise as the current S/S 07's.

    No difference.
  13. Thank you both! That was very helpful!

  14. Sorry this took so long;)[​IMG]
    And here's my 05 Caramel. Similar????[​IMG]