Has anyone seen "Letters from Iwo Jima"?

  1. I saw this movie last weekend and I think I have been traumatized. I can't stop thinking about it.

    In particular, there is one scene in the movie where one of the main Japanese characters is "murdered" (my interpretation of what happened) after he surrenders to the American troops. That character looks a lot like my father when he was younger and for several nights this week, I could not sleep well thinking about it as though my father was being killed.

    I have to say that the movie was excellent (along with "Flags of Our Fathers") and do recommend it. I thought Clint Eastwood did a fabulous job interpreting the experiences of people on both sides. I think it really reminds people that war is brutal, regardless of what side you're on. It's really poignant given what is going on today. However, I seriously need to watch something completely mindless this weekend to decompress.
  2. I'd really like to see both of those movies. I'm sorry you're having such a strong reaction to it though...I've had horrible dreams about family members and I can attest to how much it sucks.
  3. i am hoping to see this movie as well... when it comes out on dvd, i will definitely be getting it...
  4. Like most of Eastwood's films, it is elegiac. The cast did a superb job with the acting and it is what really carries the film IMO. I consider a much better film than "Flags of our Fathers".
  5. I really want to see this movie also. War movies sometimes make me feel traumatized too. I typically have to build myself up to go to this, especially since you know things like this really happened.

    I'm sorry that you're having nightmares about the movie. I hope it passes soon. I think the believability of these events and their historical impact affects us so much more than pure fiction.
  6. I just saw the movie last night. Clint Eastwood and Ken Watanabe did a great job. The tension between the traditional Japanese soldiers/officers(i.e., commiting suicide rather than being captured) vs. the less traditional(i.e. preferring to surrender or retreating to join the other troops) was interesting to watch.
  7. I rented it last week and found it very moving. I wish it had been released at the same time as Flags Of Our Fathers which I saw first.
  8. My boyfriend took me to see it, and I liked. I was moved more by the human story, and the war was a backdrop. It didn't romanticize war, but how the war impacted individual's psyche and whole family was amazing. I'd recommend it.
  9. I am waiting to see Letters.
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  11. This was one of the best movies from last year if not the best, imo. To me it was MUCH better than Flags of our Fathers, but both were excellent in portraying how war effects the psyche of the soldier and his family. Ken Wantabe is superb and proves himself once again as a truly gifted actor.

    Definately recommend.